General Maintenance for Statuary is simple. Little or nothing needs to be done to protect the finish of natural concrete statuary, whether it be a fountain, birdbath, statue, etc. Many people find the aging and weathering of concrete statuary to be appealing. It can make the piece look more natural, giving it character.

Smith’s Concrete Products finished Statuary has been painted with an acrylic latex paint and then sealed with a clear spray paint. This finish will withstand the outdoor elements for many years with proper care. The luster of the finished item may be restored with a seasonal coat of clear spray paint twice a year.

Should you choose to refinish your fountain or statuary over time. Whether you decide to try to match the original color or a new color you can bring your fountain or statuary to Smith’s Concrete Products and we can refinish for you or provide you with instructions for doing it yourself.

To touch-up minor dings, nicks, scratches, and chips, use just a dap of any color of paint that is close to the color of the item being repaired. For a finish that has a black antique effect, use a black paint; for lighter antiques, use a white paint. Simply dab the paint onto the scratch, and wipe off the excess.

Finally, depending upon the temperature and evaporation, you may notice a buildup of white residue on the surface of the bowl or shell. Such a buildup is normal and unavoidable in areas with a high mineral content – especially lime – in the local water supply. Frequent rinsing of the fountain and changing of the water will help to minimize the problem.

To keep the Fountain Water & Birdbath Water clear from unsightly sludge, algae and cloudiness, simply use fountain care products to ensure your bowls are crystal clear. Keeping clear water will help keep your Fountain & Birdbath Bowls clean and help prolong the life of the Fountain Pump.
Do not let water freeze in any fountain bowl or birdbath bowl. This will cause rapid deteriation of concrete. Do not let statuary sit in freezing water as it will cause concrete to deteriate.
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